Overview of my current research

My research involves economics (mainly cost-benefit analysis), environmental science, analysis of energy technologies, systems engineering, and town planning. It addresses fundamental philosophical and conceptual questions, methodological issues, and details of data quality and mathematical modeling.

I group my current research into these subject areas:

i)  DEEP GREEN – Detailed Environmental and Economic Projections for Global Renewable Energy and Emissions sceNarios. DEEP GREEN estimates the lifecycle environmental, economic, and energy-security impacts and the full social costs and benefits of a wide range of transition scenarios for sustainable energy systems in most countries of the world.

ii)  100% WWS – wind, water, and solar power. 100% WWS examines the technical and economic feasibility of supplying 100% of the world’s all-sector energy needs with wind, water, and solar power.

iii)  Social cost-benefit analysis of energy use and motor-vehicle use. This is a comprehensive analysis of the full social costs and benefits of energy use and motor-vehicle use, with special emphasis on the external costs of air pollution, noise, oil-use, accidents, and climate change.

iv)  IMSSA – Integrated Modeling Systems and Scenario Analysis. IMSSA combines Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) and Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) to estimate the climate and air-pollution impacts of emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants from a wide range of conventional and alternative energy systems.

v)  AVCEM – Advanced Vehicle Cost and Energy-Use Model. AVCEM simulates the energy use and estimates the full social lifetime costs of advanced electric and internal-combustion-engine vehicles.

vi)  Design and analysis of a sustainable transportation-infrastructure town plan. This presents the design and analysis of a novel dual-road transportation-infrastructure and new-town plan that minimizes virtually all of the negative impacts of transportation.